YES, I understood I was buying phony accounts (but not certain) and YES I understood it was a danger and not great for specific reasons, specifically:
- my reputation (OMG she's SO fake, she PURCHASED her followers)
- my loverate (that is the percentage of amount of typical enjoys on your pics split via the number of followers)


1500 followers were bought by me on a site I found through Google here   . I can't find it again now (they likely come and go), so just Google 'purchase actual instagram followers' and you'll see plenty of services. After paying 15 dollars (it said 'best alternative', for 25 dollars I could have bought 2500 followers, was that no good?) and within the next 24 hours, I got all these 1500 followers. Three weeks later and I have 2712 followers.
All these are really fake-accounts. They do not 'live', aka nor remark is not liked by them, but they look real. You can still understand them: these reports have names that are bizarre, they do have a typical profile pic and follow a lot of men and women. To date the exact same as any accounts. They don't have (m)any followers, largely 0 to 5, they don't post pics, mostly no more than ONE tot 10 pics already there. These pics are randomly picked in the internet.
I wanted more, more, after I bought the followers! I thought that if one of my pics got about the popular page, I might get more devotees. In the end, the pics on Instagram's popular page will not be the best ones ? Therefore I purchased 500 enjoys for 5 dollars from exactly the same service for one of my already popular pics (60 likes, which can be a lot for me). The likes came within a couple of hours. I got 562 likes from my son Mauro and his buddies in total on this pic.


- Buying followers worked only a little bit for my picture: I get more followers faster than before. Where I got a dozen in this same timeslot before in the past 3 weeks I got 200 new followers.
Note: Additionally , I gave a demo to over 200 (beginning) bloggers from which I got more followers than usual.
When people view that I have 2500 followers think it is worth to follow me when I 'd 990 followers. Mission 1 achieved.
- My Klout score went up from 67 to 68 and it looks like it stays there. Klout can't ascertain they are reports that are fake. A failure I think, but really difficult to undermine, from Klout. (Upgrade december 2014 ">> maybe Klout also analyzes engagement rates from Instagram, just like the love as well as the talkrate)
- The likes did NOTHING. So I must have bought much more than 500 to get on the page that is popular you need a large number of likes. Will do that if I've the guts.
Not so great, but not a terrible thing.
- I 'ven't got any bad comments from people (yet) nor have I been banned from my love Instagram (yet).
Yes? Would I recommend this strategy? No, but I would not lie that it might work for your own image. What are the REAL services to get more followers that you just know of? I want to know!

Update 2017

Examining the tool Instagrame  that promisses ACTUAL followers.
Purchasing followers got me new followers quicker, but my love was brought down by it - and talkrate. They urged the tool Instagress, after I followed a Instagram Advertising webinar. I analyzed it. It's a tool that can enjoy or remark mechanically on accounts you do not follow based hashtags you pick. You can even choose the choice that you will start to follow accounts automatically. And agreed: it is pretty chilling.
In the three days this was the result:
- Enjoys done 3041
- Opinions done 811
- Follows done 974
Number of people who followed me because of the above mentioned activities (in the period of a week) 250
Was it worth it? Some participate with me. Nevertheless, the automatic commenting alternative was a bit scary. I got one comment thanks, but it is a video. Seemingly the comment 'fine pic' was placed under a video. OOPS. And there certainly are a lot of crap pics within my timeline, therefore I am unfollowing the ones again who tend not to follow back and that is a great deal of work.

Update november 2017
There are a lot of uses now like 'Get followers' where when people start to follow you through the app, you receive coins for subsequent people and spent those coins. So those are followers that are actual and they are earned by you also by individuals that are subsequent. However, coins can be bought by you too, for real money. And you may also receive coins by clicking on a link or doing things the program lets you know so, for example looking in a video from an advertiser. It also says that if the men you just started to follow within the next 6 days are unfollowed by you you loose your coins again. Bright. Interesting. But small opportunity that those people that are new are really interested in you, so awful again for the involvement rate.
Instagram deleted my 1500 followers that were fraudulent and they did so with every inactive and/or spam acocunt, so lots of individuals have now to followers that were less. I've to develop a new killerblogpost on purchasing followers. Interested as to when Instagram will do a cleanup again.
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