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Open Educational Resources:

 Openness as Catalyst for an Educational Reformation

Dramatic Growth of Open Access

Open Questions on Open Courseware

Open Education Is Transforming the Way We Learn

Creative Commons Kiwi - clever video explaining how open licenses

Vic Vuchic of The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation discusses OER


Open Educational Quality Initiative (OPAL), UNESCO and the European
Foundation for Quality in E-Learning (EFQUEL) invites organizations
to join the OPAL Register at


CSU Affordability initiative

Five Educational Innovations that won Gates NGLC Grants

Why Badges Work Better than Grades

How Online Education Is Changing the Way We Learn


First OER Debate from 2010. The next one is May 27, 2011
Part 1 is not available but it had no real content
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:
Part 6:

The Architecture of Access to Scientific Knowledge

presentation by Lawrence Lessig at CERN April 18, 2011
A Time for Reform, Innovation, and Investment
-input to our
Hats Off to Virginia blog post
Open Access: A Matter For Definition A dozen
definitions/policies of open access appear in this report:

Using Open Content to Drive Educational Change by Bill Fitzgerald
with lots of replies


Open Studio - A collection of art-making ideas by artists
Issuu self-publishing
Info about the forthcoming World Library of Science


Proof that OER Works
OER Mindmap by Donna Gaudet


Quality Matters
Blog of (Jan) Philipp Schmidt, Director and co-founder of the Peer 2 Peer
University called Sharing Nicely

Books were a new idea once upon a time
Considerations for Creative Commons Licensing of Open Educational Resources
Case study about the COT project by this instructor
Five Ways Technology Startups Can Disrupt Education

CORRE: A framework for transforming teaching materials into

Lessons learnt from transforming teaching materials into

Open Content Online - a blog by Andreia Inamorato dos Santos
'Open licences' of Copyright for authors, educators and
Julien Hofman & Paul West
Swedish Musings on the definition of Non-Commercial
What is non-commercial use?
Barcelona Charter

How to Build an Online Community by Richard Millington
Training Educators to Design and Develop Open and Distance Learning

More OER Blogs than You Can Believe
Not everyone thinks modifiable books are a good idea

Archived Webinar
given by open textbook adopter, a zealot,
and a publisher
The Future of Educational Publishing,
Thad Mclroy 


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