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GlueJar --Ungluing Textbooks with Free Books for the Public and Full

Value for Authors and Publishers

Open-Access Textbooks and Financial Sustainability: A Case Study on Flat World Knowledge

Google Books for OER - A proposal by the Open Knowledge Foundation

Why some think Non-Commercial licenses should not be considered
. COT does not like NC much but we think No Derivatives
(ND) is a bigger problem. An open textbook that must be used
"as is" is almost unadoptable. It has one of the characteristics
that we dislike in commercial textbooks. It cannot be modified to
suit the students, cannot be put into a learning management system,
cannot be reformatted to print correctly, and more.


The 2006 survey conducted by Illinois Board of Higher Education
found that the average annual textbook cost to students at
community colleges was between $941 and $1027. This is the
report:  -- It is a 128-page PDF; this statistic is on page 8.


Starting an Open Textbook? Think 100 or 200 Level Courses

The Open Textbook - a blog about business models

Can my K12 School Save Money with Open Textbooks? an online

Digital Textbooks Reaching the Tipping Point


Seven Thinks You Should Know About Open Textbook Publishing

Getting to Know a Digital Textbook by Terence Cavanaugh 

UC Irvine Open Textbook Forum Webcast
How to grow a textbook by Joyce Kasman Valenza
David Thornburg on Open Textbooks - An Edutopia Blog Post
Comparison of free licenses
Florida Open Text Book project


Textbooks Up their Game -- You may need a WSJ subscription
to see this article.
New York Times article July 31 about Curriki open textbook repository
Harry Potter and the Future of the Textbook


Top 50 best-selling textbooks.


video PR for College Algebra open textbook by Stitz-Zeager

Archived Webinar given by open textbook adopter, a zealot, and a publisher
Outstanding digital textbook growth projections. from XPlana

The Higher Education Textbook Market
Prepared by the Association of American Publishers for
submission to the Advisory Committee on Student Financial Assistance,
September 15, 2006
American Textbook Publishing, information on
history textbooks

Demographics show that textbook sales will drop.
The anatomy of textbook publishing: complex publication
process, lack of respect steer many scholars away from writing
- Faculty Club - Statistical Data Included, Black Issues in
Higher Education, June 20, 2002 by Kendra Hamilton, Ronald Roach
Digital Textbook Sales in U.S. Higher Education – A Five-Year
, Rob Reynolds, Ph.D. and Yevgeny Ioffe

ACSFA College Textbook Cost Study Plan Proposal
Dr. James V. Koch, September 2006

The Transformation of Textbook Publishing in the Digital Age —
New Business Models
Rob Reynolds

The open source textbook conundrum
Dana Blankenhorn | October
21, 2008



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