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Quick Start to Open Textbook Adoption

Fortune cookie: Open textbooks are in your future.

Step 1: Select an open textbook from our listing of 250+ titles.

Step 2: Review your open textbook selection for quality.

Step 3: Customize your selection as desired.

Step 4: Disseminate your selected or customized open textbook to your students.

Peer-Review Criteria

Submit your feedback and ratings (1 = low to 5 = high) for a chapter of the open textbook in terms of:

  1. Clarity and comprehensibility - content, including the instructions and exercises
  2. Accuracy
  3. Readability - in terms of logic, sequencing, and flow
  4. Consistency of course materials - consistency in the content language and use of key terms as is necessary to facilitate understanding by novice users
  5. Appropriateness of content - appropriateness of the material for community college level courses
  6. Interface - technological issues such as broken links, improperly displayed graphics, and ease of navigation
  7. Content usefulness - the ways in which the content could be useful for teachers, students, and those with a general interest in the subject area
  8. Modularity - the ability to adapt, rearrange, add, delete and modify the content by sections
  9. Content errors - the presence or absence of factual errors, grammatical errors, and typographical errors in the content
  10. Reading level - appropriate for community college level students
  11. Cultural relevance - use of examples that are inclusive of diverse races and ethnicities

Please leave a Comment to post your peer-review of the open textbook you selected and let us know how you used it for a course. Or send your open textbook review to



  • Create a PDF of the open content that you have selected.
  • Use Drawloop for creating PDF
  • Use Connexions to create PDF
  • Convert Gutenberg Text File to PDF
  • Email the PDF to your enrolled students. Or post the PDF to your students' course management system course site. If the PDF is too large to email or post, use a free online file storage or file sharing service (e.g., or Google Docs)
  • Students can download and print the PDF or simply view the PDF on their computers

Campus Printshop

  • Create a PDF of the open content that you have selected.
  • Email the PDF to your Printshop per their specifications

Printing Services

  • Create a PDF of the open content that you have selected.
  • Email the PDF to a commercial printing services per their specifications
  • Lulu
  • Illumina Publishing
  • Scribd

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